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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Favourites || Things I'm loving

Wow, is it actually 3rd May already? This year needs to slow down. I'm regenerated and motivated for the month ahead and what May has in store for me, so many exciting plans and seeing loads of lovelies I haven't seen in a while.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been loving A LOT of these items and I wanted to share some of my favourites with you.

 Dress - Zara 
Slogan tee -  Topshop
 Jeans - Topshop
 Embroidery Anglaise top - Zara 

I love whimsical, feminine prints and tones, especially in the spring/summer , Zara have the best selection of things, almost my 'idea of paradise'  if you want to call it that, Not great for the bank balance though!

Pink & burgundy, I cant seem to get enough of that colour combo, don't judge if I wear it all week ( hides face in shame)

Beauty & Skincare

                           Lipstick - Topshop Pillow talk                                 
Palette - Carli Bybel for BH cosmetics (Highlighters are amazing)
Jo Malone - English Pear & Freesia 
Garnier SkinActive Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water (Amazing for sensitive skin)
The Olive Branch Shower gel - Lush
Nip & FAB Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Facial Pads
NUDE Moisturiser 

If you would like a more in-depth review on any of these products do let me know.


In my opinion its accessories can really transform any outfit whether its a scarf, necklace or a fabulous pair of shoes, I have been absolutely loving brooches this year, my sister bought me the most beautiful flower brooch for my birthday last month and I have worn it with everything, pinned in to coats, plain jumpers/tops and to keep scarves closed over.

I am really lusting after a Chanel one, perhaps our aniversary towards the end of the year, house renovation is currently taking priority.

Rose Gold bracelet - Stone Boutique 
Flower Brooch - Etsy
Dachshund Brooch - Etsy
Bracelet - Swarovski 
Necklace - Ebay
Shoes - Clarks 


It's peony season, I'm delighted! Marks and Spencer have the most beautiful shade of Pink/Coral currently in store but I really love all white theres something so tranquil and calming about them.

What were your favourites through April



Sunday, 1 May 2016

Current Feels ♡

The greatest test of courage on the earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.

R. G. Ingersoll

Confidence is something iv always struggled with because I suppose I look "different' sitting in cafes or restaurants and your husband feeding you every bite because you cant reach up to feed your self, people staring ( iv gotten used to this) or I just don't pay attention, I try not go in to over crowded places to eat as it makes me very self conscious, I might come across confident but every one has their own insecurities.

This week in particular was a difficult one for me, loss of mobility is very frustrating and mentally draining, not only does it effect me in obvious ways, but also coming to terms with the loss is almost like grieving and so challenging.

Here are various things to help gain happiness & confidence, that help me throughout the day, every day ;

  1.  Getting out of bed & getting dressed -  Choosing clothes that make you feel most comfortable and that you feel great in, will make you feel like you could take on the world.

2.  Planning outfits for my week ahead  really is my outlet, makes me feel calm and takes my mind off whatever is troubling me. 

3.  Doing your hair - This probably sounds so silly, but when my hair is done my confidence blossoms, Thanks to my husband mike for curling it every time.

4. A great pair of shoes 

5. A Fabulous smile 

6.  Take more risks and have courage - I have, Scary and daunting but gives you the confidence boost you need.

7.  Reading - Inspirational quotes or the bible 

8.  Surround your self with people who 'get' you and lift your mood whenever you need a helping hand.

If your having a bad day or you feel like your losing heart, read something life changing do something totally different, out of your comfort zone, trust me you will feel amazing afterwords and you will think to yourself why was I so afraid?

Have a great evening 

Zoe x

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