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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Feeling Blue

Today was the first day I'd left the house in days, not feeling my self, not necessarily feeling sick but just blah.  Mike was working yesterday so we decided to just make the most of the fabulous weather we have been blessed with and enjoy today, so good to be home though, waiting patiently for my Zoe Baysting print to go up! eek

Antrim Castle Grounds are absolutely stunning any time of year but especially in autumn, thought now is my chance to wear my new coat, but to be honest it wasn't cold enough for it yet and I was totally over boiled face palm!

I wanted to make sure I was warm enough as I was in my wheelchair today, I wore a coat from asos, jumper and shirt from J crew, jeans from Topshop and boots from Tkmaxx.

If your thinking of purchasing this coat just get it in your normal size, fits perfectly.

Boots Tk Maxx 
Size up if your thinking of purchasing I bought these off my sister who is a size 8 and bought a size 8 but are slightly snug on her. 

Letting go of the things I cant change and enjoying life is my new motto!

I hope your having a lovely Sunday evening and have an enjoyable week.


Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Statement boots

Now its getting quite chilly in NI its time to rock out the big guns, I used to wear Ugg boots all the time and obviously I will still wear them on the days where I cant be bothered or its actually too cold for those 'fashion boots' which is quite often in winter here ha ha, but sometimes fashion is pain.

I bought these suede beauties from eBay but they are still available from Kurt Geiger and in the sale £175, even better!

The heel height is perfect for me, I'm already too tall for killer heels.

Although I will keep you updated how I get one with these, comfort wise etc.

I wanted to show you that you can have statement boots and feel fabulous with any budget, I absolutely love the ones from Topshop posted below, full of embroidery goodness.

BLOSSOM Embroidered Boots

Topshop £42

ASOS RACHELLE Jacquard Heeled Ankle Boots

Asos £38

Mythersesa £870

What have you been buying recently? 
I have a coat coming from ASOS, actually should be here tomorrow which will probably be on Instagram at the weekend, and a couple of chunky knits.

I think the month of November I'll be having a spending ban and just buying christmas presents, I will still be buying but just not for me which I'm happy about because theres not one think I need.

But do send help...this will be difficult ha ha.

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