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Saturday, 25 April 2015

My week in pictures #2

Hello my wee loves, This week has been complete madness , haven't had a minute to relax, my Husband mike has been slaving away painting the living room and...well this week has flew in!

My mother in law is here staying with us for the weekend and we are just back from a lovely meal out, now relaxing on the sofa with my three pups!!

On Sunday we went to the dark hedges which were incredible so magical, & my husband Mike is a massive fan of game of thrones so we had to visit hehe.

Who else has bought their groceries and bought the wrong size of something? look at the size of that jam, I laughed so hard i nearly gained a six pac.

I didn't really take many pictures this week as I have hardly had a minute, I promise to be better next week hehe! 

hope you all have had a great week! 


Thursday, 23 April 2015

Wish list | #2

 Givenchy Antigona - Light pink

My dream bag, I'm saving up for this right now, so hopefully I'm able to get it in this lovely colour :)

Bobbi Brown Art sticks 
            I'm dying to try Hot berry looks awesome, buy now blog later posted on                    her Instagram and it was love at first sight.

                                      Miss Guided Suede biker jacket
How beautiful is this for spring summer? I wish they had it in stock in my size as I would snap it up right away. 

link below :)

My obsession with blush pink seems to be getting much worse *as you can see hehe* , such a lovely spring/summer shade of pink.

Im also on the hunt for a good hydrating eye cream if you guys have any recommendations that would be great :)


Saturday, 18 April 2015

blush pink ♡

Hello my loves, Iv been obsessing over blush pink for quite some time now, I love how feminine it is, but how you can make it edgy too with different accessories ; here are a few of my favourite looks I'm loving at the minute.

  • It suits every complexion 
  • Adds a bit of femininity to a masculine outfit :)

 Whats your favourite spring/summer colour? 

Thanks for reading 


Friday, 17 April 2015

Battle of the micellar waters - Bio derma & Garnier

Hello my loves, Feeling so unwell today but I thought while I was siting doing very little id write about these two little beauties.

Years ago I caved in to the hype and bought Bioderma and became obsessed pretty much straight away, its just so easy to take off absolutely every single bit of make up, my skin never felt dry or tight after use, its very gentle as my skin reacts to just about anything, this is totally fine, it also lasts for  a pretty long time as it is 500ml, not so travel friendly although you can get a little tiny one. Once I had ran out I repurchased quite a few times, then Garnier came out with their own micellar cleansing water, so obviously I had to try it as it was so much easier to get your hands on. Bioderma is so much easier to get your hands on now as you can get it here  , but you can pick up the garnier micellar water  pretty much anywhere, like doing your shopping in Tesco or Sainsburys you can just pick one there.

I love them both but I think Bioderma just has the edge, you can't beat french skincare! It takes off pretty much everything but with the garnier you have to scrub a bit more to get stubborn make up off.

I hope this helps you out a little bit deciding between the two, let me know your favourite :)


Thursday, 16 April 2015

wedding guest attire

Hello my loves, as I'm attending a couple of wedding's this year I thought id throw a post together about what il be wearing this year for weddings and accessories that complement each outfits.

I love dressing up for weddings and special occasions, getting the hair all done and pulling out all the stops. I was at my best friends wedding yesterday and had such a wonderful day, so proud of her! she looked absolutly stunning, and the sun was shining *yay*  

My sister and I both wore ASOS dresses and I used my Chanel wallet on chain as my clutch.

Iv been stalking ASOS like a women possessed recently, Im totally in love with this ASOS salon premium dress and its always sold out *sobs* I paired this beaut of a dress with Whistles Leea sandals & ASOS Snake Hologram Clutch Bag
I have also had my eye on this dress too by Frock & Frill, loving all the embellishment and the fact it looks like a crop top with a skirt & obviously the sensational colour, being a tall girl a midi dress is the way forward, perfect length and so classy, I paired this dress with simple accessories as it has alot going on, the bag is from Whistles * in the sale* and shoes from lipsy.

Lets just take a minute and look at this stunning dress....ah! as you can see I'm loving embelishment right now :D dress by Needle & Thread quite pricey at £250 but so worth it the detail is cray! shoes are by Karen Millen & the clutch is by dune, I love how the dress just makes such a big statement that you don't have to go crazy with the rest of the outfit.

Thanks for reading 


Monday, 13 April 2015

My Week In Pictures |

This week was a pretty boring one, my husband an I are decorating our new home right now and its a very low process, :( sigh! I did try to gloss the banister and well its not looking great, ha ha. 

My sister and her boyfriend mike and my mike and I all went for a walk around Antrim Lough and it was sooo so beautiful, sun was shining for a change, My husband wanted to fly his drone and he got some incredible shots, il put some in and let you see :)

Please tell me you have all tried the Lindt salted caramel chocolate? my sister Fee had it and I hunted everywhere here for it and couldn't find it, so she was an absolute gem and sent some over from stroud <3 


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Living with FOP - Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva

What is Fop? One of the rarest, most disabling genetic conditions known to medicine, it causes bone to form in muscles, tendons, ligaments and other connective tissues. Bridges of extra bone develop across joints, progressively restricting movement and forming a second skeleton that imprisons the body in bone. There are no other known examples in medicine of one normal organ system turning into another.

Living with FOP has got so much easier as I have grown up, my teenage years were dreadful, thinking I was an normal teenager when really I wasn't, it was extremely hard. It wasn't just hard on me it was hard on my whole family, as if one child with this horrendous disease wasn't bad enough my twin sister also has it.

My first big flare up happened when I broke my arm when I was five years old, I was chasing my big sister around the living room and i fell of the sofa, my arm locked in the bent position, at this stage my parents and our Doctors had no clue what was wrong.

My second flare up was when I broke my leg in six places * I know, I know how to do it right* thats when my leg locked at the hip, I was only 11 and it was hard to come to terms with I didn't deal with it the best at that time. After that I didn't have many major flare ups, a few on my back and my neck & jaw but nothing life changing.

Until three years ago I had it pretty good until my good arm started flaring, it was so swollen, the pain was excruciating then it locked, I never thought i would get over this I was very down wouldn't say depressed but i found it very difficult to deal with, I got very frustrated with the people around me having to feed me every bite to eat, I missed just stuffing my face with crisps how ever many i wanted at that time or eating a whole apple, the simple things in life I once took for granted. In the middle of all this I got married, Mike my absolute rock whom I thank for so much, He helped me through a very tough time, he got the brunt of all my frustration's, i taught him how to do my make up and hair and he had the patience of a saint even with me shouting at him and so many crying hissy fits.

We then came up with the idea to make my make up brushes longer, at the start it was hard as I didn't have the arm reach * if that makes sense* to get really precise especially with eye make up, foundation was okay. :) I feel like I have got it mastered for now but I could always do better.

Life every day is hard I'm not going to lie, sometimes I do want to stay in bed and not get up but I have three beautiful dogs who help me through the day when my husband is at work, I have taught my self to be able to get dressed again, before I couldn't even pull my jeans up or do anything for my self, i have mastered getting my bra on, tshirt and jeans woohoo, sounds so silly but means everything to me to have that independence again. I tell my self everyday things could be worse? I could be worse. Im not scared anymore because I know I could adapt if I lost more of my mobility, obviously it scares me but its not world ending scary anymore! Im a very determined person and if I want something and i can't do it il find a way to do it.

Lucy and I are one of three sets of twins in the whole world, I think that makes us pretty special.

Fop has made me want to live life to full and appreciate every moment, I could wake up the one morning and my whole life could be changed.  I have met the bestest people through our little community, we all have each other!

Sorry about the horrid picture but I wanted to show you what it looks like to have extra bone grow like a second skeleton; 


The perfect Summer Scent ♡


Spring Style'n

Kinda a bit late to the party on spring outfit ideas but I thought id do a few and see what id come up with, doesn't feel the slightest bit like spring living here in Northern Ireland we get every kinda weather in one day :| Imagine getting sleet in the middle of april! It was my Birthday on the 1st April so I bought a few wee bits and pieces for my Spring wardrobe, not that I can wear them yet * its freezing cold*

Duster coat - New Look Top - New Look Jeans - New Look Shoes - S Oliver Pin - Etsy

Beau my Miniature Dachshund wanted in on the action, bit of an obsessed mummy here * waves hands in the air* 

Top - Topshop  Jeans - Joni Jeans (topshop) Shoes - New look

Top - F&F Jeans - Joni at Topshop Shoes - Crocs

I was always one for saying Crocs were ugly and so so horrible till my sister bought me these last year, most comfortable pair of shoes ever, feels like I'm walking on a bubble, I got them in a khaki green colour and go with most outfits,  I was going to put a long khaki cardigan with this outfit but iv just put it in the wash, its just a fine knit long cardigan perfect for those chilly evenings :)

Top - Oasis Necklace - Swarovski Shoes - Kurt Geiger Bag - Chanel Jeans - Joni 

Well for starters sorry for the overly Creased top! I love these trainers perfect for the added tacky sparkly glam we all love hehe ;) 

The wind was not playing fair today, my husband could hardly get a decent picture, hair flying everywhere, what a disaster! What will you be rocking this spring? Heres somethings I'm lusting over  for Spring summer ;

  • lemon & baby blue Toms 
  • Another pair of pink Joni Jeans
  • Chanel espadrilles 
  • trilby hat
  • lots of pastel eeeeerrryyythaaaang! 


Saturday, 11 April 2015

Everyday Make up with a difference

Hi My loves, I thought id do a blog post about my everyday make up and how I apply it as I am disabled, iv had to adapt all my make up brushes by masking taping them to long objects so i can reach my face as I can't reach up with either hand, eye shadow and eyeliner would be my biggest task but il show you how I do it.

I started off with my FAVOURITE Nars Sheer glow in the shade Deauville
A couple of years ago when my good arm went down hill I had to think of a way to be independent again, I know they don't look glamorous in the slightest but it gets the job done :) all I used was picnic cutlery from IKEA and masking tape and a bit of a back scratcher hehe. To put my mascara on I masking tape it to one of the longer sticks, its a bit tricky but I get there in the end.

These are my most used products I use every single day;
tarte lights camera flashes mascara - I bought this when I was in New York in November and I literally couldn't be without it best mascara ever, I don't have long lashes either and it makes them so long and fluttery.

Hourglass Ambient powder in luminous light - Its the perfect highlight for that sun kissed glow in summer or for that wee extra something in winter when your skin is just blah.

urban decay naked one - well we all love a bit of Urban Decay don't we? I couldn't live without mine, its a bit battered but clearly well loved :D

Nars sheer glow & Nars creamy concealer - one thing I can say, not great for the dry skin gals :( it was awful through the winter months for me. Most perfect foundation for summer though, some might think its a little heavy, just mix it with a bit of your moisturiser to make your own tinted moisturiser ;). At the start i hated the concealer with a passion, I love it now though easy to blend and looks great only thing i can say it does crease *sad times* as the coverage is there.

bare minerals lipstick in fly high - by far the best lipstick ever!! Lovely formula, great pigmentation, so so creamy on your lips, I never see any one talk about these in the blogging world or youtube definitely one to go have a peak at :)

sorry about the awful quality of this image, stupid flash! 

I hope this blog post helps other people with disabilities who are struggling with coming up with ideas to do their make up, to be more independent, keep going, keep trying! 

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