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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Hello Dermaplaning || What I thought

Ive never been a massive skincare fanatic because I cant do it my self, so I've always kept it simple as I possibly can for Mikes sake. I was kindly invited to Baytree Beauty in Randalstown to try out Dermaplaning,  I had watched countless youtube videos on it and it looked quite intriguing.
What is Dermaplaning 
Dermaplaning is a safe and highly effective physical exfoliation procedure. It requires the use of a sterile, surgical scalpel to gently shave the skin's surface, removing the top layer of dead skin along with fine, vellus hair.

Before and after
What I actually didn't know was that Dermaplaning is a facial, each salon that offers this treatment uses their own skincare range they already have, Ashley at Baytree Beauty uses Guinot, a brand I had heard of but never used my self, beautiful scent and not over powering. Ok so I didn't realise how hairy my face actually was? what the heck! I couldn't believe the difference to be honest, you can see for your self, so smooth and soft.

Looking a tad cray haha
Do you need this treatment?
I think if you were someone who had their face photographed alot or if you had a special event coming up like a wedding etc I would say totally but for every day life Its not a massive thing unless you really don't like your facial hair! Don't get me wrong my face feels amazing, very soft and looks amazing.

Does it hurt
Not at all, was a really relaxing experience as it was a facial so keep that in mind when you go, the actual Dermaplaning it self didn't hurt at all, it was more like light scratching but felt good as you knew all the crap was coming of your skin.

What other salons do Dermaplaning?
If you have any concerns or other queries send me a message and ill kindly get back to you.

*I wasn't paid for this post but the treatment was paid for, my views and opinions are all my own*

Zoe x


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

My five summer staples

Since we are in full swing of summer here in Northern Ireland I thought there couldn't be a better time to share my summer staples, we don't get much of a summer here so we make the most of the hot, sunny weather while we can.
I was never one for a hat, thought they didn't really suit me, until I stole this from my sister, other peoples stuff seem to always suit you better don't they? The trilby style seems to suit me better rather than the massive brimmed style. It is so important to shade your head/hair from the sun, does so much damage if your out for long periods of time, buy yourself that hat.

Hands up if you cant go in to Tkmaxx without heading over the sunglasses stand? Guilty. I bought these beauties from Tkmaxx last year and I cant find another pair quite like them, dark enough so you cant see my eyes, I find it so creepy when you can see peoples eyes through their sunglasses, please tell me I'm not the only one! 

Summer Dresses 
If you hadn't already realised I love a summer dress, I think midi suits me more, I'm nearly too tall for maxi. Summer dresses are just so classy and your cool and shaded at the same time, eyeing up a beautiful one from Miss Selfridge (linked below) thanks to Emma at little wood life for bringing it to my attention, she wears it so well, go take a peak - in the sale now too, go QUICK! H&M also have the most beautiful dresses, quite short though but still gorgeous!

Usually when it hits the hight of summer its time to kick of those closed toed shoes and to get your sandal game on, Im quite the granny when it comes to sandals, I like them to be practical and usually go for the kind that will last the ages! I love these little lace up ones from Glamorous, Not practical by any means and I thought hmm I’ll not get the wear out of them but surprisingly they are very comfortable and stay firmly on my feet, I do have a pair from Oasis that I bought years ago and every time I wear them my mum always says ‘not those old boys again’ yep I'm afraid so! do you have a favourite pair of summer sandals? or do you throw them once the summer is over?

A Summer scent 
Scent is the most powerful of our senses for bringing out our emotions, memories and reactions from others. There are quite a few scents that just instantly make me think of summer, smelling nice any time of year is obviously essential but in summer its a must, all the flowers are in bloom and we are awkwardly smelling others as they briskly walk past, still haven't plucked up the courage to ask anyone yet what perfume they were wearing, knowing me id give my self some work and go in to Debenhams or boots and spray everything till I found it, love a challenge haha. My absolute favourite has to be Jo Malone Bluebell, but I also love Marc Jacobs Daisy and Chanel Chance.

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