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Friday, 13 March 2015

New York | Very Late Honeymoon

Hello my Loves, Way last January my husband and I decided to finally book our flights  to go to new York, bearing in mind we had to wait nearly the whole year to go as we booked to go on the 22nd of November, but on the plus side it gave us plenty of time to save our pennies,  I started to look at hotels that were pretty central and we found the Roosevelt hotel just of 5th Avenue we thought it was a perfect location, for us anyway. I didn't take any pictures of the front of this hotel or its amazing lobby, SOBS! it was like something out of a movie. The first day we arrived we were pretty tired to say the least and a bit out of it, we went and explored 5th avenue and we spied the lindt shop!!!! trust me it needs that many explanation marks, that shop was just heaven, we decided to just buy half the shop and go back to our hotel as it was late and we had just got off a 7 an half our flight from Dublin.
On the way back to our Hotel we stopped by Starbucks, Why don't we do Starbucks like the Americans :(
On the second day we decided to get up early and go to the Top Of The Rock, Wow Wow Wow!!! what an amazing view from up there, so many people had told us to go there instead of the empire state it deffinatly didn't disappoint.

After seeing the incredible sights we went down stairs and had a bite to eat which I do believe was also a Starbucks, Then all the crazy shopping began!!!! I couldn't wait to get in to J crew and Anthropology and mike was excited about the massive LEGO shop. The first couple of days were great weather wise not to cold, sun was shinning but the good weather soon turned very very cold and wet.The day we had planned to go to see the Statue of Liberty was the best day ever the sun was shining wasn't too cold and it was a lovely walk all down through Manhattan, we didn't bother getting the hop on hop off bus, We just walked, It seemed to go on forever but we finally made it. I think you would only need to see it once  I think if we went back to New York which we will soon ( I hope) we would go do other things

We Dandered all the way back up to our hotel which was like 50 blocks away, tired and cold and felt like I was nearly ready for bed ha ha, we were nearly back to our hotel when I spied bath and body works, I had to go in and buy something didn't I? :P I bought a candle and a few hand sanitisers but to be honest i wasn't that blown away with the candle the scent was very poor.

That evening we had a walk over to Bryant Park
which became one of our favourite places to go to at night, we had mulled apple juice with cinnamon and veggie sushi which was sooo unbelievably tasty after we had consumed some very nice food we walked on down to Times Square which was mad if you cans say that, but we both loved the atmosphere and just how incredibly busy it was.

We went back to our hotel to rest up for the next day of shopping, in the morning when we had woke mike always went to the nearest Starbucks and got us a bagel and a coffee and we both sat and ate it while we got ready to go out, this day was very special to me as we were on the hunt for my Chanel wallet on chain I was ecstatic!! we walked in to Bloomingdales totally amazed by the sheer size of the building, we had a look in  Louis Vuitton and Fendi but then I spied the shop I really wanted to go in, we waited a while in the Que waiting to be seen, then all of a sudden it was our turn and I was asking the SA if they had any Wallet on chains? me? I felt like I was on another planet well I was about to blow half our budget in one day. To my delight they had two in stock a Beautiful BOY wallet on chain but it wasn't what I wanted, then she produced a charcoal version of the one I did want and  wasn't sure at the start but mike insisted that it would be perfect and would go with so many outfits, so i took the plunge and finally bought my first Chanel handbag eek!

As you can see we did a little more shopping up stairs in Bloomingdales :o My sister wanted UGG slippers and I promise this wasn't all for me! 

AGAIN we walked back to our Hotel to drop off some of these bags and to rest up as we were going to see Wicked that evening, but on the way I spied my 5th or 6th J crew and of course I had to go in, I bought a Shirt and a Jumper and I wore the shirt that evening when which i might add was sooo incredible the singing was just out of this world and if you get the chance to go see it,definitely go :)

We were so hungry after Wicked we shamelessly went to Mcdonalds and ordered a large chip, well that was a mistake the chips came and were twice the size of my head!oops

We hailed a cab and went to the Hotel and fell asleep, well after about a million Lindt balls.

We woke up on our last day and we ordered waffles and fruit compote and just everything we fancied, best decision ever! was delicious, This was Thanksgiving and we couldn't wait to see the parade, it was amazing to be there to see it, so much effort goes in to something like that and brings everyone together which was so lovely.

What i loved :
Henri Bendal
Starbucks- hot chocoate every day WIN!
Central Park - Was such a Breathe of fresh air walking through here, litterally it was freezing!!!
Sephora- I was in here almost everyday, I think I bought half of the stock, I loved the one in the mall right beside Central park it was my favourite was never too crowded or busy was just perfect
How friendly the people were, it made our holiday
And lastly the Lindt shop, peanut butter were honestly the best iv ever tasted

What I disliked :
The high curbs
How crazy the taxi drivers were, we did get used to this though :)
Horse and carriage rides broke my heart! those poor horses!

Thank you for Reading


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mothers day | Gift idea's

Hello my lovelies, As mothers day is litterally just around the corner I thought id share with you some of the things my mother would adore and so might yours, you could also sneak a wee gift in your basket for yourself :P
This was us all on my wedding day back in 2012, my two sisters and my lovely mummy! I bought my mother a beautiful pistachio green scalloped Gisela Graham photo frame with this picture in it and a very spring like window box for her kitchen window.

  • Jo malone Candle, one of my favourites, specially peony and blush, its a lovely soft scent, perfect for mothers who love to indulge in a bit of luxury.
  • A lovely bunch of flowers, Ps who doesn't looove a pretty bunch of flowers, I love peonies and hydrangea's sooo delightful.

Afternoon tea for 2? or 3 or how many brothers or sisters you may have, I have selected three amazing places close to where I live and all are to die for, Galgorm manor, The merchant hotel and the Ross park.

Or for the mum that isn't in to beauty or pretty flowers why not treat her to an experience day or a lovely weekend away, hot air ballooning or just a lovely old fashioned home cooked meal to show them how much their apreciated.

To all the mothers out there in the world HAPPY MOTHERS DAY without you we wouldn't be here


Saturday, 7 March 2015

Spring | A wee day out, lunch'n & wind swept

hello my loves, I had planned a great day jam packed full of exciting things with a forest walk, out for lunch and the very glamorous collecting our grocery shop from Tesco, though all this didn't go to plan, we woke up with rain and the most horrendous winds. I decided just to go ahead and go to Portglenone Forest, but once we had arrived i knew it was a mistake & the biggest waste of 4 pounds!!! we all decided to get out of the car any way and plod on with what we had planned, Mike my husband wanted to fly his drone but it was just far to windy, so off back to the car we went with a very disappointed wee face!

It was wet and gloomy but we managed to get a few great shots! My sister an I wanted to take some outfit pictures as they were spring inspired  but the wind was not in our favour!!!

                                          Jeans Topshop, Top- Topshop, Cardigan, New look, Necklace -Ebay,  Bag - Chanel, Shoes -Vivienne Westwood

We went on our travels again and stopped off at a local garden centre for lunch ( one of our favourite wee spots) I had curried cauliflower soup and a wheaten scone, which was so yummy! I couldn't even finish it!

Once we had finished our lunch we went and had a browse in the shop (Which I love) its full of Cath Kidston and Gisela Graham and charming accessories for your home.

I loved all the pretty spring displays

I neeeeeeeed this for my own front door, how frecking pretty!

Thats all for today, hope you enjoyed 

Friday, 6 March 2015

Weight loss | How I lost four stone

                          This is what I looked like before I started my weight loss journey

Early last year middle of January I made a pact with my self to loose some weight for my Brother and Sister- In law's wedding in August, I was also a bridesmaid! So I was even more determined to loose the weight, the first month was terrible I craved with everything and I thought what the heck its only a small bit of chocolate, Then I found my fitness pal which was my saving grace, a calorie counting app, you put in your weight, height and how active you were throughout the day and they set up how many calories you could eat, they also had every food under the sun on their app so it was made easy for me, as i couldn't do any form of exercise due to a medical condition it was all down to healthy eating and portion sizing.

I started in January because i thought that would give me plenty of time, at the start it came off very slowly a pound here and there but over the months the weight just fell off and the dress sizes started coming down, I started at a size 14 and now I'm a size 8.

 I cut out sugar in my tea and fizzy drinks which has helped massively, don't get me wrong I still love a bit of chocolate in the evenings and a bit of cake but i eat it all in moderation.

Here are a few examples what I would eat:

Porridge with banana and cinnamon sprinkled over the top

Vegetable broth with wholemeal bread

Home made Quorn shepherds pie
Quorn mince
2 carrots
1 onion 
Veg stock
Soy sauce 
Mash potato

Go ahead bar
Rice cake with peanut butter
5 squares of dairy milk

I wouldn't recommend cutting out everything you love from your diet because if you deprive your self from something your body is wanting you'll fall at the first hurdle, if you want chocolate have it but in smaller portions. It took me a year to get to the weight I wanted to be and i couldn't be happier.

Thats how it worked for me and this is what I look like now:
Im so pleased with the results,if I can do it at home, so can you!

Thank you so much for reading :)

Thursday, 5 March 2015

The perfect pink pout ♡

I recently moved house and while I was packing up my make up collection i realised how many pink lipsticks i owned and all on to the same shade, I suppose once you like a certain colour you just keep on buying the same, here are some of my favourites below.

from left to right the colours are : Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic, L'oreal Carese in Flirty vilolet, L'oreal Carese in Fashionista pink, Nivea in pearly shine, Ysl Rouge volupte in No 7, MAC Lady Gaga Viva Glam, Bare minerals marvelous moxie in fly high, Too faced Melted lipstick in Melted fuchsia.

L'oreal Carese in Flirty vilolet, MAC Lady Gaga Viva Glam, Ysl Rouge volupte in No 7, Bare minerals marvelous moxie in fly high,Too faced Melted lipstick in Melted fuchsia,Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic.

These are the pinks that i reach for the most, I tend to go for Viva Glam Gaga most days and its running out "Sob" As you can see from the picture below its definitely well loved and I might add its also discontinued  if I could insert the frantic crying emoji here I would. Its the most perfect constancy and the colour is great with my pale skin and blonde hair.

What are your favourite pinks? Leave some suggestions in the comments for pinks you love that I also might:D

                                      Thank you so much for reading


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Bag review | Chanel wallet on chain

When planning our trip to New York my mind went in to overdrive,what could i buy?what would be special?Then one day i watched Aly Valentine's review for her beautiful pastel pink "w.o.c." I fell in love. I knew how hard they were to get your mits on one, so i said to my self well if you see one GET It! so as you can see with the title I got one!

We stumbled in to Bloomingdales and scanned the whole place looking for Chanel, I was extremely excited and was about to blow half our holiday spending money, oops! I was kind of bummed that I didn't get a bag or a camellia flower, just the box and a bloomingdales bag!

When I was doing my research online about this bag a lot of people said it didn't come with a dust bag which to my surprise mine did, a lovely soft velvet dust bag which fitted the Wallet on chain perfect!

I originally wanted black caviar leather and it was nowhere to be seen, I uhmed and ahh'd about this colour and my husband mike just told me to go for it, so glad I did, the colour of it is charcoal but in my eyes it looks more pewter sometimes even a look of silver and blue,which makes it a great colour for everything. The chain strap is amazing and so long that it can be worn cross bodied which is a favourite of mine or it can be shortened so you can wear it over your shoulder or just a clutch if you put the chain inside the bag.

The only con with this bag is the popper fastening, its a pain when on the go trying to find the hole for the popper to go in without marking the soft leather of the bag, though I still love it.

I love the way this bag has the pocket on the back like the double flap bags, though you can't fit much in it apart from maybe a small phone or cards, my iPhone 6 has no hope of fitting in this pocket.

The top zipped compartment goes the whole length of the bag, I have my authenticity card pushed down there, it has one large pocket a zipped pocked and two smaller pockets at the front which I put receipts in. It fits a roller ball perfume, my phone, a zillion lipsticks that I feel I must carry and my keys, it could definitely fit more if I needed.

Im 6 Foot 1 and the bag just falls at the perfect length and sits at my hip, I favor  it over all my other bags its a classic and the size is superb!

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