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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year

New Year
2016 we lost some pretty important people, we also welcomed some too, it was filled with struggles but also lots of success.

As we enter a new year -  It brings with, its own excitement but is also bringing me a sense of wariness, the reason why I'm feeling such ways is because I'm not usually one to throw my self in at the deep end but its my first resolution. To do things that I feel are totally out of my comfort zone, as I'm the only one stopping myself from reaching goals!

My main goal is to pass my driving test, cant back out now as my new car will be ready at the end of February eek!  As for the rest of the year I don't have many other goals I'll just see where the year takes me.

Heres hoping that 2017 is a healthy one for us all, as you know health is your wealth and even I take it for granted!

Thank you for your continuous support and kindness
Zoe x


Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Blowing off the cobwebs

Firstly I'd like to apologise for the lack of blogs recently, the last couple of months weren't exactly  my friends, but if you follow me on IG I'm sure you have heard all about it and sick to back teeth of my moanings on!!

Today Mike and I just went for coffee and a potter about our local garden centre as we just needed to get out of the house, we hosted boxing day so we were in most of that day cooking and trying to make the place presentable, so today we just needed to blow of a few cob webs and perhaps a few pounds ha ha!

Coat - Asos 
Shoes - Kurt geiger
Jeans - Topshop
Bag - Chanel

Today's outfit of choice was in many ways to hide the fact i'd ate like an absolute pig for the whole month of December.

Sadly none of these items are available now but I'll try and find alternatives.

Shoes - Kurt geiger ( Actual shoes)

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a more fabulous New Year!

Lots of Love 

Thursday, 3 November 2016

The Therapy Rooms

As you all know my skin has been such a massive problem since starting a medical trial, extremely dry and quite painful, when Nicole contacted me from the Therapy Rooms I was a bit scared as my skin wasn't playing ball, I decided to give it a go, what did I have to lose?

The Therapy Rooms are situated just outside Ballymena at the Ross Park hotel which is all too familiar with me as thats where Mike and I held our wedding reception, beautiful setting and grounds. When I arrived at The Therapy Rooms I went to the room where I would receive my treatments which were a Skinician facial and reflexology. The bed was heated and the room was lit by candle light and smelt wonderful. 

Nicole started with a Skinician facial and this is the bit where I was slightly worried as my skin was super sensitive, as soon as the make up remover was applied my skin felt calm the product was cooling and my skin just lapped it up, this continued throughout the facial, it was relaxing and smooth and didn't pull on my dry skin at all.  I would highly recommend anyone with acne prone, extremely dry or sensitive skin to try the Hydrating and Revitalising range from Skinician, after one facial I couldn't believe the difference in my skin, really wish we had took a before and after picture.

After the facial, I lay relaxed on the bed with the most beautiful soft throw blanket while I received reflexology, I'd never had this treatment before so I didn't really know what to expect, but oh my I was missing out!  You normally start off with a start off with a salt scrub but because my skin is very temperamental at the moment we didn't do the salt scrub, she continued to massage my legs and feet and what Nicole could tell me about the rest of my body from what she was doing to my feet was unbelievable, she was able to tell me that i'd experienced tooth ache, which I had, where I had pain or used to have extreme pain before in the past, it was a wonderful experience one where I will be booking in to get done again soon.

I would highly recommend both, as you know I cant feed my self or reach up to my face,  Nicole couldn't of done more for me, gave me a drink and put my scarf back on, went above and beyond what she really needed to do as a Beauty Therapist.

Everything I have written is 100% my honest opinion and would highly recommend both treatments.

*Prices for both treatments*
Reflexology £35
Skinician Facial £25

If you have anyone special in your life or your in a pickle about what to get them for christmas, The Therapy rooms do gift vouchers, a wonderful afternoon tea and treatment deal and also sell Skincian skin care.


Sunday, 30 October 2016

Feeling Blue

Today was the first day I'd left the house in days, not feeling my self, not necessarily feeling sick but just blah.  Mike was working yesterday so we decided to just make the most of the fabulous weather we have been blessed with and enjoy today, so good to be home though, waiting patiently for my Zoe Baysting print to go up! eek

Antrim Castle Grounds are absolutely stunning any time of year but especially in autumn, thought now is my chance to wear my new coat, but to be honest it wasn't cold enough for it yet and I was totally over boiled face palm!

I wanted to make sure I was warm enough as I was in my wheelchair today, I wore a coat from asos, jumper and shirt from J crew, jeans from Topshop and boots from Tkmaxx.

If your thinking of purchasing this coat just get it in your normal size, fits perfectly.

Boots Tk Maxx 
Size up if your thinking of purchasing I bought these off my sister who is a size 8 and bought a size 8 but are slightly snug on her. 

Letting go of the things I cant change and enjoying life is my new motto!

I hope your having a lovely Sunday evening and have an enjoyable week.


Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Statement boots

Now its getting quite chilly in NI its time to rock out the big guns, I used to wear Ugg boots all the time and obviously I will still wear them on the days where I cant be bothered or its actually too cold for those 'fashion boots' which is quite often in winter here ha ha, but sometimes fashion is pain.

I bought these suede beauties from eBay but they are still available from Kurt Geiger and in the sale £175, even better!

The heel height is perfect for me, I'm already too tall for killer heels.

Although I will keep you updated how I get one with these, comfort wise etc.

I wanted to show you that you can have statement boots and feel fabulous with any budget, I absolutely love the ones from Topshop posted below, full of embroidery goodness.

BLOSSOM Embroidered Boots

Topshop £42

ASOS RACHELLE Jacquard Heeled Ankle Boots

Asos £38

Mythersesa £870

What have you been buying recently? 
I have a coat coming from ASOS, actually should be here tomorrow which will probably be on Instagram at the weekend, and a couple of chunky knits.

I think the month of November I'll be having a spending ban and just buying christmas presents, I will still be buying but just not for me which I'm happy about because theres not one think I need.

But do send help...this will be difficult ha ha.


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Autumn Weddings & Competition

I've been to my fair share of Autumn weddings including my own, no matter what time of the year you get married, the only thing you can't control is the weather we all just have to hope for the best.  September, October and November can be quite mild but then again you never know what to expect with our crazy weather. I was at a wedding last weekend and instead of going out and buying everything new I wore a dress I already had and a jacket I had for years, I did go out and buy one and at the last minute I changed my mind.

My mum thought for a September wedding sequins were too OTT but I think for any time of the year at a wedding you can totally rock sequins.

Fur collar/wraps

  1. Zara - £29.99 
  2. Zara - £29.99
  3. New Look - £14.99


I personally love a cape as it adds something extra to a plain outfit, whether you go for a beaded one or just something sequinned like the one I wore recently.

  1. Asos -£14
  2. Asos - £65
  3. Asos - 32
Asos have the best variety of capes, some absolutely stunning fully beaded ones.

Dresses/Palazzo trousers/Top

Its totally acceptable now to wear a great pair of trousers, I love these pale pink palazzo trousers, they nearly look like a skirt anyway.  As you can tell from this whole blog post I'm a tad obsessed with maroons/burgundies and blush pinks, lets hope you all are too!

  1. Topshop - £55
  2. Self portrait - £240
  3. Topshop - £45
What is your favourite style?

The wedding journal have kindly given me two pairs of tickets for the Belfast show in the Titanic Exhibition Centre on the 1st and 2nd October, if you want the chance to win all you have to do is share my blog and follow me on Instagram - a_littlebitoflife -  If you already follow me on Instagram just screen shot and tag me.  All the very best.

Competition ends Thursday 29th September.


Monday, 12 September 2016

The Perfect pamper day

When Michelle an Arbonne consultant for the ballymena area contacted me and asked if i'd like to try some of their products I jumped at the chance as i'd never tried anything from Arbonne and Hadn't heard much about the brand to be totally honest, but boy was I missing out!

The skincare
At first I was apprehensive to try the skincare as my skin is so temperamental, I was thoroughly shocked, no breakouts! super gentle and amazing in my opinion.

My favourite line is the FC5 range;
  • Intense Hydration Mask 
You leave the mask on for ten minutes and cleanse off with water, my skin felt nourished and refreshed after one use.
  • Nurturing Day Lotion with SPF 20
I used this straight after the mask and my skin was hydrated and smooth, usually after a mask your skin can be quite tight and irritated but not with this.
  • Skin Conditioning Oil
I have literally used this all over, dry patches on my elbows to my cuticles, I must have the most dry cuticles on this earth, they most definitely feel hydrated now.

Make up

When it comes to make up I usually just stick to the same kind of stuff, brands etc never really venture out and try anything new but I was excited to try the Arbonne primer and eyeshadow.

The eyeshadow palette was beautiful and the packaging was sleek and compact, the third eyeshadow in the pallete was so gorgeous and perfect for my blue eyes, very pigmented too!

The primer was great probably would suit a more oily complication than my extremely dry skin but overall was fab too.

The Blush reminded me so much of my trusty Nars - Orgasam a subtle coral orange with a slight glow finish.

Overall I was really impressed with the brand and will be purchasing more for my own collection.

Thanks so much for reading 
Zoe x


Sunday, 11 September 2016

The pinafore dress

Today was the first day it really felt like Autumn, all the leaves blowing off the trees and crunching underfoot, its a beautiful time of year with so many gorgeous shades of burnt orange and oxblood

I always put off buying a pinafore dress as I didn't want to look like I was a child but so far this Autumn they have really grown on me. So many options to choose from whether your tall or short, denim or corduroy, theres something to suit everyone.  I went for a denim pinafore from the tall section at ASOS and I'm in love!

I styled it with a striped top from J crew which is no longer available and black Dune ankle boots but you could literally wear anything with a pinafore dress and look amazing.

My favourite from the high street;

  1. Next - corduroy pinafore £32
  2. Oasis - denim pinafore £45
  3. Needle and Thread pinafore £285

Whether or not you have a huge budget theres something for everyone, I'm in love with the corduroy pinafore from next and I almost bought but I'm on a spending ban for the rest of September.

What's your favourite trend this season so far?

Thanks for reading 


Saturday, 3 September 2016

How to be positive

Some days we just wake up on the wrong side of the bed, some days we wake up feeling this way and  it doesn't disappear, it lingers for a while.

Social media also doesn't help, it brings a lot of us down at times, we all have something someone else wants but we are blessed too, in our own little ways.

Here are a few ways to keep positive day to day;
  • When you open your eyes first thing in the morning, think about something you feel incredibly blessed to have.
  • People in your life make a huge difference, people who make an impact and actually make you feel better about your self.
  • Quotes, I have way to many but one of my favourites is 'Always be joyful, never stop praying, be thankful in all circumtances'.
  • Go out and do something out of your comfort zone, you might feel uneasy but after you will feel amazing.
  • Get a pet, I have three dogs most annoying most of the time but so affectionate when you need that extra love.
  • Go for walks, appreciate what is around you.
  • Just getting out of the house can change your whole mind set.
Just do what makes you happy, thats all that matters in the end.

Thanks for reading
Zoe x


Sunday, 21 August 2016

When life gives you lemons

The past two months have been a bit of a nightmare for me, and probably for mike too, after all he has to live with me. FOP has been changing my appearance especially the top half of body, and its been such a struggle coming to terms with the changes, I dreaded summer coming all the pretty off the shoulder tops and pretty lace numbers.

I think of my self as a go getter and the feeling of being trapped is a constant reminder of the things I used to be able to do, and maybe never get back, the relying on people all day long drives me insane, I used to be so independent.

The thing is I don't always feel this way, just sometimes when it gets tough.  I'm very fortunate to have the people in my life to help me, no matter how frustrated I become, you know who you are!

Current goings on

  • I'm going to London at the end of September to take part in a clinical trial for FOP, which is the closest thing to a cure thats ever been, very exciting to be a part of.  I will be on the drug for two years, no waxing and extremely dry skin, worth every bit of  brow craziness ha ha.
  • Getting an automatic car and learning to drive is my next challenge, when people tell me I cant do something that is all the motivation I need to prove them wrong no matter how long it takes.

Finding things to keep me busy is the main thing, I need distractions, new challenges. I can do anything so CAN you no matter what it is you have to overcome, we as humans can adapt to almost anything and there is no such thing as no I CANT or you CANT.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13


Saturday, 20 August 2016

Mango 'Gucci Loafer Dupes"

Well aren't we all just a tad obsessed with Gucci right now? shoes, bags everything! I bought these shoes from Mango just over a week ago, they haven't arrived yet but already thought of so many outfits they would MAKE. As if I don't have anything else to do with my times, I'm planning outfits like a mad women, please tell me I'm not the only one?
Mango shoes - linked above
Dress - French Connection

Shirt - Topshop
Jeans -Topshop
Shoes - linked above 

Office and ASOS also brought out their version but wasn't as keen you can see them here & here

Whats your favourite trend right now?
Mine are;
  • Ruffles
  • Florals
  • Metallics

Thanks for reading 


Mango 'Gucci loafer' dupes

Well aren't we all just a tad obsessed with Gucci right now? shoes, bags everything! I bought these shoes from Mango just over a week ago, they haven't arrived yet but already thought of so many outfits they would MAKE. As if I don't have anything else to do with my times, I'm planning outfits like a mad women, please tell me I'm not the only one?
Mango shoes - linked above
Dress - French Connection

Shirt - Topshop
Jeans -Topshop
Shoes - linked above 

Office and ASOS also brought out their version but wasn't as keen you can see them here & here

Whats your favourite trend right now?
Mine are;
  • Ruffles
  • Florals
  • Metallics

Thanks for reading 


Friday, 12 August 2016

Autumn Essentials - Boots & Knits

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons of the year, the dark evenings, big roaring fires and chunky knits, I'm already so excited for all the new pieces arriving in stores.

Its at that awkward time where all the shops are transitioning and theres not much about but I've had a nosey online and found loads of good stuff.

In love with this cardigan from Mango £29.99, I've actually just purchased this tonight so hopefully its as nice as it looks & cant wait to style it. It's been quite an awful summer here in NI so cardigans are must, always!

Love a bit of lace and this 'summer' jumper is no exception, you can get it from ASOS here £9.50 in the sale, bargain!

 Everyone needs a good pair of boots in their wardrobe, or five! I spotted these on Instagram and fell in love, both from ASOS here & here two totally different styles but theres just something about both I love, I love the unique shade of the first pair, which would go with absolutely everything in your wardrobe from colour to monochrome but also picturing the second pair with skirts tights and cosy knits in the midst of winter.

Whats your favourite part about autumn?
Heres a few of mine;
  • Fires
  • Chunky knits
  • Its our Anniversary 
  • The striking shades of the leaves & the crunch they make underfoot

Thanks for reading 


Monday, 8 August 2016

No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation

Lets be honest, I very rarely go near the No 7 counter, I was on the hunt for a new foundation and I had a voucher for No 7 so I thought id just go for it and try one of theirs.  I purchased the shade Calico.

Baring in mind I have quite dry skin, it did say on the box that it suited all skin types, not that I ever believed one foundation or product could.

When I first applied it I thought no way is this the correct shade, it was very ashy toned, but as I blended it in it seemed to have worked out ok shade wise although It did cling to my dry areas and sunk in to fine lines.

The only thing is if you do have super dry skin like me you need to exfoliate like crazy and moisturise, if you have oily skin this is probably perfect for you. The coverage is medium ish but build-able if you want more.

The packaging is super sleek and I like the glass bottle, has a very expensive feel to it considering it only cost £14.50, bang on half price to my trusty Nars sheer glow, which il probably start to use again, nothing seems to ever beat it.

You can buy it from boots online and in stores and it comes in 17 shades.

Let me know your favourites? I would love to test a few new ones out.

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Its all about those RUFFLES

I have always been a huge fan of ruffles from no height, so feminine and girly whats not to love? Ive spent all evening stalking ASOS for my top picks, all different fits but you will see a pattern ha ha!

I think my favourite out of them all is, well can I have two? the lazy oaf watermelon print is my first choice and my second favourite is the grey ruffle above it.

Whats your favourite?

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