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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Spring goals

I think once it gets towards the end of February we are all longing for brighter mornings and a stretch to the evenings and a pop of yellow with all the sprouting daffodils. Over the years my tastes have changed so much, I used to love bold colours,striking prints and now its simple pale hues with the odd glimmer of gold/copper and some kind of quote obvs! 

This spring I'd like to have a new fence picked out and ordered for our garden and perhaps a new shed but lets face it theres that Gucci belt I really want... ;) in all seriousness the fence will be picked out! when we moved here it was pretty much a shell we could do what we wanted but we have now been here two years and certain things are bugging me and obviously me being very impatient I want it done yesterday. The inside still needs a lot of work hence why you only see little corners of our home.

Livingroom inspiration 

We just need these last three things to sort the living room and might I add why so expensive!! we will be saving for a good while yet. 

We have both always loved parquet but I think herringbone suits us more? we need to do more investigation but I really love the flooring above.

If you lovelies see any tv units/stands that you think I might like please let me know as I've just come to a blank when it comes to it, whether I'm too fussy or just have my blinkers on.

One of my goals this year is to learn to sew, Ive recently really got in to customisation and just changing the look of different items I already own, instead of spending a fortune on something new.

Do you have Spring goals or something your working towards? let me know what they are in the comments.

Thanks so so much for all your support I really appreciate it

Zoe x


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Trend || pink

I think it’s been really obvious lately I have been very obsessed with pink.  Any shade of pink; in tops, jacket and homeware. I was talking to one of my lovely friends and I was saying to her 'oh I'm hating that theres so much flipping pink' when now I'm like give me it all. Theres a shade to suit everyone which I love from the very palest of pale to beautiful deep complexions.

Everyone has their own favourite shade and 1 million % mine is blush, but I do like the odd bold hue of pink.  I hunted all the high street to find my favourite pinks and I hope you love them as much as I do.

Faux suede Faux suede £59.99

I know I have my eye on a few things from this post, love the feminine touches to the already delicate  hue of pink, can you tell I love a frill? send help

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

How to || customise

I had searched every website looking for a plain top with a lace or ruffled neckline so when I wore a jumper it would just peak through but I was at a loss, either not in my size or just completely the wrong thing.

So today I took matters in to my own hands and went to Dunelm for supplies;

What do I need you ask?
  1. Cute scissors obviously needed them ;) 
  2. Lace 
  3. Needles 
  4. Pins
  5. Cotton
I bought the jumper from Zara, it has a split up either side with ruffles you can get it here I thought it was perfect as it only needed a slight adjustment.  I didn't use the pearl buttons but I have other ideas for those stay tuned.  I'm loving all those feminine details on most things these days it just adds that extra wee touch, I feel it makes the difference between dressy and casual.

Doing this little customisation only cost the guts of £10 and far cheaper than going out and buying a top in the first place, i'll be thinking twice in the future.

Here was the finished article, my mother in law helped me with the sewing if I'm being honest as I am the worst at crafts, good at coming up with said idea but not actually doing the things ha ha please tell me I'm not the only one? If anyone is thinking of buying this jumper its honestly the nicest material ever so soft and will be great for spring or when it gets slightly warmer as its only a thin knit.

Zoe x


Monday, 6 February 2017

Make up brush adaptions

When I asked on Instagram who would like to see this blog post I wasn't actually sure if anyone 
would even comment or want to see how I adapted my make up brushes but wow I was so blown away with the response.

I first lost my mobility in my right arm when I was five and as a child you are so much more resilient to adaption and much quicker to recover, being right handed I had to change my whole way of doing things and to be honest I cant even remember how but somehow I did, now fast forward 16 years 4 months before I was due to get married I lost the movement in my left arm and trust me this felt like the worst time of my life, I thought how the dickens am I ever going to get over this? the answer was time, re learning how to do things and your other half suffering your tantrums of frustration and always being there at your side no matter what, trying his best to do your make up even though he grew up with one brother and had no idea from eyeliner to eyebrow pomade.

Make up was a real passion of mine and it was completely took away from me, I didn't use any of it for months no eye shadow, no liner nothing! then we came up with the brain wave of masking taping all my make up brushes to long items, rummaging through the whole house trying to find things that would 'do' not glamorous in the slightest but I was finally able to do it my self again, but boy was I wrong, trying to do eyeliner on a stick longer than your arm was a living nightmare took months of practicing and crying haha (sound like such a diva) 5 years on I can finally say I think I've mastered the eyeliner and nearly eye brows now wohoo! The only thing this whole experience has taught me is to be patient, I have so much get up and go in me but I'm trapped in my own body which frustrates the living hell out of me! 

What you'll need;

-Masking tape, plenty of it! 
- make up brushes
- long sticks
 and lastly 

Lots of Love

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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Monthly picks || Savida At Dunnes

Wow can you believe its been a whole month since I did my last monthly picks? we are zooming through this year rightly! So yesterday I was at a fashion event and I got talking to another stylist and she pointed out to me that if you don't suit or feel comfortable in leather or bold prints stick to what you know best and feel fabulous in so obviously this whole post will be ruffles, pink and feminine shapes.

Be confident with your own style;

left - right

Bow shirt £35

Since we are now very much in spring mode, how beautiful are these shades? I always seem to gravitate towards these tones all year round but cant wait to rock them this spring. If you missed out on the H&M blue bow shirt, this is pretty much identical.

In my opinion the Savida range at Dunnes have so much choice when it comes to the top half but not enough skirts and trousers, though I did spot a fabulous pair of orange tailored trousers but nowhere to be found online.

Thanks for reading

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