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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Equal Opportunities?

All my life I've had my difficulties and I've always been able to overcome them whether it be doing my make up or brushing my teeth but one thing I can never seem to overcome is becoming employed.
The amount of set backs and looks up and down's I've had as if 'oh you'll not be able to do this job your disabled' is frightening! this week started with an exciting new job and ended without one? I was told I was unable to fulfil the duties of this particular role? I had worked all week, got on really well and believe that it was because the job agency hadn't communicated my disability  I was told that employers are open to equal opportunities to all kinds of people including the disabled but where are these jobs?

We live in a day and age where equal opportunities is discussed so much, when companies advertise it and the government promotes it but yet of all it must be a rare thing to come by as i'm struggling to be given any opportunity. I may be limited with my mobility but theres a girl with a brain behind that with a lot of determination!

I don't think employers should be allowed to judge your capabilities when you alone should be the only judge, at the end of the day you know your self what your capable of don't let people just assumee that!  It makes me look like I'm unfriendly and unapproachable when in fact I'm the total opposite, I don't want people to think I'm out of a job because I'm not a team player when infact couldn't be any further from truth. I was always brought up to treat people how I would want to be treated, so in he-insight if I was born able bodied I would still treat every single person the same, everyone deserves that no matter what.

Its a good job I'm made of tough stuff or i'd probably of given up by now, if your going through a tough time whether its been 1 month or 6 months or even a year don't give up no matter what as I believe in good things happening to those who wait. All being said, I do find it hard at the time and have a good cry but heres how I deal with the knock backs.

How to cope with knock backs
  • Have a good cry
  • Plenty of ice cream
  • Support - talk things over with people as you can start to see the wood from the trees.
  • Retail therapy ( 1 million pound please to shop at Zara)
  • Fresh air
  • Busy your self with different things so your mind focuses else where
I hope these few things help you if you are going through something similar. Staying positive can be so tricky but get up show up and do your thing!

Thank you so much for reading
Lots of love 


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The 'perfect' foundation

Everyone has their own vision of what the perfect foundation is, skin varies from dry to combination to oily throughout the year for most people but then you get people like me who has continuous extreme dry skin that gets to the point were it actually nearly bleeds.

The challenge was accepted and the hunt was on.

Nars Sheer Glow

I used Nars sheer glow for absolutely ages and it to me before my skin got quite dry was just perfect, as my skin started to dry a little bit more I could still get away with it for another couple of months and then it got to the point were It was just a nightmare to get off and it just clung to dry areas. If you
are thinking of purchasing it, go for it, it has the most beautiful finish and leaves your skin glowing,
not disco ball glowing but just a really lovely natural glow. Love the packaging, though  no pump included but that never was an issue for me, you can buy them from space nk or Nars themselves.

I wear the shade - Deuville

- No SPF (great for flash photography)
- Satin matte finish
- Medium to full coverage ( I don't always need concealer)
- Suits normal and dry skin types
20 shades, mostly yellow-toned

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk

As I walked around Heathrow T5 I was on the lookout for a new foundation as the Nars sheer glow was no longer suited to my skin type, I'm sure mike was absolutely scunnered walking around scouring every make up counter, I had always heard good things about Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation and I thought hmm I do have time to try it as our flight isnt for another hour?

The make up artist did apply it on me and it was ok but I still bought it like an idiot.  This foundation in my opinion is for perfect skin, with no blemishes or marks. It clung to every patch of dry skin and didn't look well in any light. 

The packaging is quite lux and heavy comes with a pump which is a bonus, so no messy hands or spillages.

I wear the shade - 4

- No SPF
- Silky and lightweight
- Light and perhaps slightly build-able
- Suits normal skin types
- 21 shades 

Mac Studio Fix Fluid

Years ago in my teens I used Mac Studio Fix Fluid in the shade nc 15 and I was like a ghost who ever thought that was a good look? well when your 15 you think your make up is the bomb and you have make up skills coming out of your ears, well that was far from the truth ha ha! from then I always steered clear and used others, but again as I was browsing waiting for a flight ( I left Mike sipping a lemsip, so dangerous shopping on my own, no restrain) I wanted to try strobe cream any way so I thought you know what I'm in the market for a new foundation i'll give it ago.

Well to my surprise I used it and I was wowed, people kept asking me 'what foundation are you wearing' 'your glowing' now bearing in mind my skin is horribly dry never in a million years think it would be ok over the top of such skin types.

It also brought back memories because of the scent, smells slightly like clay which I have no problems with, blends lovely with the strobe cream, slightly easier I would say.

Packaging is lovely as a foundation bottle can be, I love the fact the lid is rubberised so its easy to keep a firm grip, no pump but again not an issue.

I think I've found my new favourite.
I wear the shade - Nw 20

- A natural matte finish
- Medium - full coverage
- Extremely long wearing
- SPF 15 (though still looks ok photographed)
- 38 shades ( NC + NW something to match everyone)

Thanks for reading 


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Monday, 9 January 2017


Style is such a personal thing and everyone expresses their style in totally different ways, which I absolutely love! Since falling in love with Instagram and seeing how people dress the same item in a handful of different ways is just amazing, how certain clothing can just boost your confidence no matter what budget you may have. 

Not everyone follows the rules or even whats in or out of fashion but here are my three key fashion rules ( to my self) or who else wants to take them on board.

Quality over quantity 

I never really was a primark fan and by no means am I bashing you lovely girls that are big fans, I rarely find anything in there, the fit just isn't great or on par with other high street shops, I do see so many lovely items on social media from primark but how well do these items last or stand the test of time? I was chatting to my lovely friend  and she agreed too that she would prefer to buy one or two decent quality items over 10 other things.

This Saturday I'm going up to my dressing room and I'm being ruthless with everything I just feel meh about. This year I'd love to invest in a good pair of boots, coat and a few lovely knitwear pieces, really the sale should of been the time to buy all these things but you know me, not the most organised.


Accessories are my thing, I spend the most of my time saving for a new handbag or the next designer scarf that catches my eye, you dont always have to spend the earth on clothing but if you have the odd designer piece, it can really make your outfit, barring in mind I love zara bags, I think every season they come out with some real beauties and to be honest I never thought I'd buy a high street bag again.  

I wouldn't be the biggest fan of loads of jewellery on my self but seeing it on others I do? maybe a confidence thing, I did fall in love with the Zara Simon collaboration with accessorize though, and may have to get a few pieces.


You see those shoes you just bought and you still cant wear  after a month because they cut the feet off you? either give them to a loved one or charity, note to self..I need to take this advice! life is far to short to be walking around in absolute agony, been there far too many times and it just isn't worth it any more.  If you have wide feet like me Clarks do the best footwear ever! 

When you were younger and your Mum used to say don't go out with out your coat you'll be freezing? who actually ever listened? not me thats who! now I'm happed up to the max with a million layers on thats what you call comfort.

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is the most important, if you feel that maybe you aren't as confident in the latest don't have to wear it/buy it just be your self and shine the way you are.
What are your key rules for 2017?

Zoe x

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Tuesday, 3 January 2017


This year Im going to do a blog post like this every month about a different high street shop that I've been loving multiple things from, this month is all about;


Who else thinks soon as Christmas is by they need to start thinking about their Spring wardrobe? I know here in Northern Ireland we still need our winter woolies till like May who am I kidding? Im going to try and only buy things this year that are quality over quantity, items that will stand the test of time. I did buy a few things from warehouse over the winter period and they have all washed really well.

I'm slightly obsessed with the new in section on every website right now, but warehouse have really caught my eye - Loving everything that ties at the waist, means we need minus one accessory, win!

Can you see a little bit of a pattern starting here?

Simplicity at its finest, I love everything simple and delicate when it comes to jewellery, less is more in my opinion but I do like the odd statement chunky piece.

Ive already made a few sale purchases but the said items haven't arrived yet then thats me done for the month of January I'm not looking at one more thing ( said no girl ever) send help!!

What shops are catching you eye this month? please do share.

Zoe x

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