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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Five things to not feel guilty about

I find my self apologising for things and then come away from that conversation feeling guilty and I often wondered why I felt that way, something I'm trying to do this year is to not feel guilty about an array of things that don't necessarily concern me.

Making money online 

I've always felt some guilt when I've made money online, its not a massive deal, but somehow I feel that way when I do Ads, I'm judged therefore the guilt comes in and why? I have no idea, is it because others might think I'm a fraud? a total loser, the points are endless, but the fact of the matter is, you do you and try fight off those demons because there is a high possibility that others don't view you that way at all. We are the worst at magnifying our own problems and self punishment is the biggest offender.

Thinking of your self

Suiting your self is ok, never feel bad about saying no! well thats easier said than done. Out of all the points that I've covered I think this is my worst, I try to please everyone and at the end of the day. you CANT! thats when I feel most torn, you think your a bad person, you're the worst in the world and you feel like you have let the whole world down, when in reality you have let one person down and they are probably ok with the situation, but you consider your self the worst and most guilty person EVER! 

 Asking for a friend - any tips on this?

Being Different

I've always felt this guilt and I have no idea why? by now you'd like to think I would of gotten over the fact that I'm different and in a lot of social scenes I will stand out like a sore thumb and I feel guilty about that WHY!!  I feel whilst out without Lucy or Mike I put a lot of burden on people, I have to be fed and given a drink and thats something I feel uncomfortable about as they shouldn't have to do that, Worried about putting people out and the constant guilt of having to ask for help, as a super independent person this KILLS me!
Being online a lot

I think we probably all feel guilty about this one and it’s not even just on our laptop its on our phones, and the constant feeling of FOMO, well I feel it anyway! I would love a few days a week where I just leave my phone at home and to just chill, or the feeling of I haven't put much of my time in to my Instagram and actually really, who cares! we put far too much pressure on our selves to be perfect at everything and at the end of the day none of us are, we all feel the same but hardly any of us talks about it, too ashamed to admit they aren't perfect? I have no idea! what are your views?

Speaking your mind & speaking out

Theres a very fine line between speaking your mind and being a troll, you can get things off your chest without being a total dooche! you don't need to feel guilty about your own voice and your opinions as we all have different views, but we can voice these opinions in away we don't get carried away in the moment and totally piss of said person, we have to respect one and other and that respect I feel has totally dwindled away for most folk. 

What can we learn from this?

 Torturing yourself doesn’t make it all go away, it magnifies it all!



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  1. Having to ask for help KILLSme too.
    Thank you for sharing. It is just what I need ,being not the only "different"strugling one
    Greetings from the Netherlands


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