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Sunday, 7 January 2018

How I edit my Instagram Photos

Ive been getting a lot of messages lately about what editing tools I use etc and I thought I would just put them all in to a quick blog post and you all can have a read.

What camera do I use

I have used the Olympus pen EPL 7 for just over a year now with the 45mm lens and I adore both, not a professional by any means but loving the journey of learning how to use it properly.


I have two lenses for my camera, the pancake and the 45mm I always seem to reach for the 45, it suits my style so much better, though the pancake is a good all rounder.


Inside settings are so different to outside settings, especially since its been so dark.  Inside my settings are as low as they can nearly get and outside is a mix of both depending on how bright it is etc. 

So for instance inside my aperture is set at F/1.8 and outside it could be as much as F5.8.


If you have fabulous natural lighting already, your job is already half done, today was awful for a decent photo as the sun was so low in the sky, theres a happy medium! not that I'm complaining about the sun, it was heavenly!


Now on to the good stuff, my most used app! I have used lightroom for about 5 months and its become one of my firm favourites, holy grail in fact! I have a couple of presets I differ from but I mainly just use one of them and then edit around that, they add so much depth to your photo, make aspects more vibrant and others more hazy.

I try not to take a photo with a lot of black in its surroundings e.g dark walls, fences etc,   as its so hard to edit and make your photo soft and romantic, I picked up that trick from the fabulous Jayne Lindsay Photography

Thats just my style, you don't have to edit the same way!

In my opinion its 40% your camera/lens and 60% how you edit. It really pays off to put the time in and learn how to do it, I'm not a professional as I stated above but I very much enjoy the whole process.

If you have any questions or want to know more about anything just send me a message.

You can shop all that I talked about below! Thank you so much for reading.



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